Drone Photography and Video for Surveying and Construction

3D Mapping


Powered access towers can be expensive to hire and require specialised training to operate. Even then there are limits to what can be seen and examined with a tower or other specialised access equipment.

We are confident that we can provide a cheaper and more effective solution for your surveying and construction industry photography requirements. Get in touch to discuss aerial imaging, or reach out to us via our social media channels.

These example drone photos show the level of detail and useful angles that can be achieved with our drone surveying service.
We liaise with you in order to pinpoint the exact areas of interest prior to flight. We are able to combine extremely high resolution photography and 4K video capture with thermal imaging, thereby giving you unprecedented levels of information.
Don’t forget we also offer 3D mapping services.

Less Expensive

Using drones instead of more traditional aerial photography technology can reduce costs by as much as 80%


Though a great deal of planning and forethought is involved in drone based photography, it’s nothing like as complicated at planning for helicopter flights or crane hire.

Quick set-up

As long as we have a slot available in our schedule and conducive weather conditions, a simple shoot can be planned and arranged within a matter of days. Once on site, we can be in the air within 30 minutes.

More Manoeuvrable

Whilst fully complying with CAA’s regulations, we are still able to capture the kind of footage that would have been impossible just 10 years ago. See some of our videos on the showreel page.


Drones are no louder than an excited wasp! Okay, that’s a slight understatement, but you’ll be surprised at how little disruption our drones cause.

Reliable and Safe

We only use top quality equipment from DJI. It’s regularly maintained and checked. If you have any questions at all about safety and drone photography please get in touch and we’ll be sure to answer any concerns you may have.